Delish, Delightful, Delectable: Yummilicious Kids’ Menus at Plaza Singapura

Eating out with the kiddos can be a bit of a tricky affair, especially if you have picky eaters in the family. It can be hard to find a dining establishment with food options that suit both you and the little one’s palate. Well, we’ll let you in on a little secret. Plaza Singapura is chock-a-block with restaurants that offer special kid’s menus that are sure to appeal to the children. Here are some enjoyable and affordable dining options that will leave the whole family feeling happy, full and satisfied. Read more

Are We There Yet?

    Travelling with your little ones can be so challenging and yet so fun! Before the kids came, your trips probably included exotic locations; late-night dining, long sleep-ins and lounging near a swimming pool all day.    But you soon learn to manoeuvre around the crack of dawn wake-ups, wadding the kiddie pools, two o’clock naps (for young and old alike) and early restaurant visits determined by whether the establishment is family friendly or not. Hubby and I prefer travelling with Tristan. You get better treatment with a kid in tow. When I flew to France with Tristan alone, the check-in staff tried her best to ensure Tristan and I were comfortably placed with enough legroom. We were one of the first few passengers on board and the flight attendants constantly checked to see if we were all right. At immigration, the ground staff just put me in mid-queue to avoid the long wait, just because I had a kid with me. It’s like travelling first class without actually having to pay for it!    We know that he may not be able to remember his earlier visits to the tea plantations in Cameron Highlands, the mile-high waves at Desaru, scaring himself on the rides at Genting Highlands, walking up and down the cool mountainous Lourdes, hanging out on the steps of the Lourve, having a blast at Disneyland or strolling along the beach Phuket. But hopefully the sense of adventure will serve to inspire him to one day throw a dart onto a map and discover new places.    Now, at 11 years, Tristan has come a long way from just tagging along to having a say in where he wants to go, how long he plans to stay there and what he wants to do when he gets there. Well, so far he’s kept to within reasonable plans… but I’m still keeping my fingers crossed on that one. Till next month, bon voyage!   Read more