Green Fingers

Need a little help keeping your little one busy during the rainy days? Here’s an idea for you.

Mummies, crafting need not be expensive, especially when you have most of the materials you’ll need at your disposal. Take a look around the house and you’ll be surprised at the number of projects you can come up with, using things you already have.


READY, SET, GO!             

The best part is, by upcycling toilet rolls and cardboard, it teaches your little one to spare a thought for the environment. Here’s a favourite of ours but mums, Junior might need your help with this one.


What you’ll need:

Toilet rolls

Paints and brushes




Craft glue


Paper fasteners


Getting started:

1. Paint the toilet rolls in your favourite colours and set aside to dry.

2. Using the cardboard, trace and cut out circles for the wheels. Paint it and set aside to dry.

3. Once the toilet rolls are dried, cut out a rectangular whole on the top for the seat, leaving one end still attached. Fold the flap into half and glue it together for the backrest.

4. Cut a smaller circle out using the remaining cardboard for the steering wheel. Draw in the details and glue to the front of the seat.

5. Using the paper fasteners, attach the wheels to the toilet roll.

6. To add the final touches to the car, either print out or paint the designs directly onto the car and you’re done!



Thanks for sharing!