Green Fingers Part II

Here’s a craft idea to keep your little one’s hands busy.


Perfect for the younger ones, this plane can be completed in a jiffy. It’s really simple to make too, so the kiddies can have a go at it all on their own. All it takes is a little paint, glue and putting it all together.


Get even more creative and add a magnetic strip to dress up a notice board, or with a few pieces of string, make it into a colourful hanging mobile for your child’s room.


What you’ll need:

Wooden pegs

Paints and brushes

Cardboard or craft foam

Craft glue

Ice cream sticks in two sizes


Getting started:

1. Paint the wooden pegs in any colour and set aside to dry.

2. Paint the ice cream sticks or buy ready painted ice cream sticks.

3. Once all are dried, glue the ice cream sticks to the peg to form the wings and tail section of the plane.

4. Using the cardboard or craft foam, cut out the shape of the rudder for the plane, paint it and glue it on. That’s it!


Thanks for sharing!