Letting Your Child Explore the World Around

There’s so much for your little one to learn about. Now that Junior is older, he can explore even more complex activities that will see him pretending to be a chef or maybe even exploring the great outdoors on this tricycle. With some planning and imagination, get ready for some fun! Read more

Experts Say: Settling in a New School

My daughter will be changing to a new preschool because my family will be moving house soon. I’m pretty worried about how she’ll handle the change because she has some really good friends in her current preschool. How can I help her ease into this transition? Read more

Playing Alone – Why It’s Important for Kids

If you feel guilty about leaving your child alone to play, don’t. Allowing your child to play on his own is more important than you think. Here are just some of its benefits. Read more

Experts Say: Help with Spelling

My son has just started K1 and he seems to be struggling with spelling. How can I help him?  Read more

Experts Say: Learning Numbers through Art

My daughter, who is in preschool, loves spending her time doing arts and crafts, but absolutely hates it when it’s time for her to learn academic subjects like Mathematics. What can I do to get her more interested in learning her numbers? Read more

Superfoods for Kids

Let your kids munch on these superfoods to get all the nutrients they need. Read more

Fun with Math

From sorting objects to counting to 20, math is no doubt an important skill to have. Here are some ways to get your preschooler interested in the world of math. Read more

Experts Say: A Lesson on the Birds and the Bees

I’m due in about a month and my four-year-old is curious about where babies come from. How can I answer her without going into too much detail? Read more

Experts Say: Fear of School

My daughter is three years old and is in preschool. Recently, she’s been refusing to go to school, sometimes even crying. How can I help my daughter with her sudden fear of school? Read more

8 Steps to Deal with Aggression

MH speaks to Jeanette (Nettie) Forsyth, counsellor, psychotherapist and behaviour strategist, about how you can take control of your child’s aggressive behaviour. Read more